Before we begin with enumerating upon the different kinds of signs that you can make with Foamex, there is definitely an established fact that it is quite difficult to narrow down on what kind of signage do you really need for your business. Thus, we are going to talk about Foamex as a material and also go on to talk about the kind of signs that you can make with it and how using a Foamex board might just be one of the best decisions for your signage.

Now coming down to the basics, let us first discuss what actually is Foamex?

Foamex is basically a sheet that is made out of PVC foam and is rigid in nature and has been then compressed so that it becomes a weatherproof, light in weight board. Since it comes in various sizes such as 3mm Foamex, 5mm, 10 mm is best used for signs exhibitions and also display panels.

Of course, there are Foamex panels that are of higher thickness, but they are also a little bit more expensive than the usual range and they generally come in a laser-cut manner. One of the biggest advantages that you can get by using Foamex signs is that they can be created in a bespoke manner for you which means you can also use them for lettering in the signage with a 3-D effect which can be coloured to give you the colour that you want exactly.

Some of the advantages of creating your signs with Foamex are:

  • Firstly, it is extremely lightweight since it is made out of PVC it has a tiny cell design that can give it superior strength but also make it extremely lightweight at the same time.
  • Secondly, it is extremely durable which means it will last you for much longer than other material support. In fact, most Foamex Board comes with a warranty of almost up to 7 years when you’re using it outdoors and up to 10 years when you’re using it indoors.
  • Since Foamex is also waterproof, weather proof, that means most of the effects of whether it does not have much impact on it. That means it will not bend or we can because of the humidity levels outside which makes it so much more perfect for using both indoors and outdoors.
  • Since it is quite a rigid material, a Foamex board, is much more easier to mount. You can use screws, Velcro or even the myriad kinds of adhesive that are available in the market today – everything works for a Foamex board.
  • Lastly of course there has to be the financial consideration when you are talking about the right kind of signage for your business. Now let us tell you that when it comes to Foamex signs, thankfully you will have the most cost-effective signage there is in the market, which of course makes it such a win-win situation.

Now that we have talked about the kind of advantages that Foamex can provide you when you choose it for your signage, let us finally come to the question at hand – What are the kind of signs that you can make out of a Foamex board?

So, let us tell you there are almost endless possibilities when we talk about this – let’s enumerate a few popular options out there for you:

  • You can use your Foamex board as a point of sale sign, to help you indicate what are the new offers that are available on your products and you can do it in any kind of print font, design that you like which will help you make a larger impact and inform your customers at the same time.
  • As mentioned before one of the best uses for your firm X board would be to make outdoor signs, since the material is rather weatherproof and will not be susceptible to wear and tear that easily, and an outdoor sign is a great use of a Foamex Board.
  • Another great usage would be to create exhibition panels, if you are going to any sort of trade show then you would definitely need exhibition panels to indicate your booth but also to inform the public about what exactly is your company all about. Thus creating exhibition panels from a 3MM Foamex sheet, Will give you the design flexibility that you need and also come across in the best kind of display.
  • As is with most businesses, creating advertising boards is something that can go a long way in giving you the right kind of exposure and the marketing advantage that you need. That’s using a Foamex board for advertising boards, go a long way in getting you the kind of traction that you need for your business.
  • Now that we have talked about outdoor signage, one of the most popular signs is interior signage. With its longevity, cost-effectiveness and the bright, quality printing that is possible, creating indoor signage with Foamex can go a long way in giving you an option that is not only cost-effective but also extremely long-lasting.
  • Stage skirts are actually quite a common feature in events. But did you know that you can create fantastic kids skirt out of a 3MM Foamex sheet? Given that it has the right amount to rigidity to give flat support, and also it can be put upon in a fantastic fashion. You can create the best kind of branding or logo that I would go with the theme of the event and give you the kind of exposure that your business needs.
  • Everyone has visited a museum at a certain point in their lives. For creating the right kind of signage for museums you can use a 3MM Foamex sheet. Giving you the rigidity of display and also the right kind of material that would be easy to move around according to the exhibition at hand – is a great usage of Foamex

So, here are a few of the ways that Foamex can be utilised in making for you the right kind of signage. Most of the signs can be made out of a 3MM Foamex sheet, hence, give your business the advantage and get your signage done.

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