The Foamex Printing Company – Supplying Artwork

At the Foamex Printing Company, we guarantee fast printing, affordable prices, and a high-quality finish for each and every project. To make sure that our UK printing business only delivers the best, we make the preparation and checking of artwork a top priority.

Excellently prepared artwork leads to excellent printing. For the best results, we prefer all artwork to be free of blemishes, void of pantone and RGB colours, and sent under the following specifications:

Format: PDF, Jpeg, EPS, Tiff

Resolution: Minimum 300dpi

Bleed: Minimum 3mm, please provide crop marks.

Colour: CMYK

Embed: Please outline all fonts and include all embedded images.

Checking Stage

We want every project to be printed to perfection for your guaranteed satisfaction when you buy Foamex products from us. To make sure that nothing slips under the radar, we’ll even run checks on your artwork for you. Assessing the size, resolution, bleed, alignment, and legibility of your art.

Once you’re perfectly happy with the design, we’ll prepare your Foamex Prints and get to work on the printing, so you can get the finished product as soon as possible.

Need Help?

If you want assistance with any artwork design, then please contact our team for access to guides and templates. You can upload your artwork to your Foamex Printing Company account, and check your artwork designs online for utter convenience before sending the prepared designs to our UK printing team.

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