A Printing Company that Cares About the Enviroment

Our printing company strives to not only produce high-quality Foamex printing in the UK but also to stay on top of the responsibilities for eco-friendly production that all UK printing businesses should adhere to.

The policy that we follow for lowering the enviromental impact of print production means that we are constantly monitoring production and looking for ways to improve our processes to make them better for the enviroment. From the reduction of energy consumption to the avoidance of harmful chemical use, we take our responsibilities seriously.

We make sure that all our products, from ink cartridges and digitial toner to paper, are sourced as responsibly as possible. Recycling is also a key part of our policy to reduce waste and, where possible, we enforce a strict recycling policy on all waste products.

Priding ourselves as a Foamex printing company that cares about the enviroment, we aim to do everything we can to meet our enviromental commitments.

Foamex board printing
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