It is been a while since the legal field was declared to be oversaturated, and years later law firms still feel the burden of this trend which means that it has become much harder to acquire the kind of clients that you want and also there is now a much more fierce competitiveness for acquiring the brightest new shining star out there. 

We say this because we have come across a lot of conversations where we find ourselves hearing the same thing from partners and senior attorneys alike, regarding how they cannot find good enough clients or even talent.

In this digital age, it is quite obvious that most law practises are on the lookout for ways to get not only new clients but also be able to appeal to the best, fresh talent. Now come to think of it, you can do all these things together when you have the right digital marketing strategy in place. With the right kind of marketing online, you can position yourself in a place of advantage for both attracting new clients and also for the best recruits in the market by leading them to your website. However, with the ever-burgeoning competition of other law-firms you definitely need to up your ante in order to not only perform better than your competitors, but also be able to outrank them online in the SEO wars.

Now if you are in the market with the question – ‘How do you acquire better talent, new clients?’ then we are going to tell you about how to increase leads and also gain new clients with the best marketing strategies proven out there:

Create Impactful Local Print Marketing

Even with the internet having inundated the world and digital marketing today being oh – so – important, print marketing still stands to increase your chances wherein digital formats are not so reachable. From Foamex boards and posters which are large enough to get your audience’s attention, to brochures and booklets that can be handed out – there are enough printing options out there that can help you make an impact.

Some of the best printing options that you can explore are:

  • Foamex Boards and Posters: High quality and cost-effective Foamex boards and posters are one of the best ways to garner attention when you’re thinking of large-scale printed hoardings that will immediately catch the attention of anyone passing by and inform them about your firm.
  • Brochures & Booklets: No one can deny the impact of good old brochures and booklets that is so much easier is it to hand out to inform your target audience immediately of the services that you’re providing. Local marketing when done right can actually spread information about your services quite effectively so make sure you invest in quality design as well as materials.
  • Presentation Folders: Ideal for all your business meetings and conferences presentation folders really come in handy when you want to give a detailed explanation about the services you provide and all that you have to offer. A well-designed presentation folder is half the job done so make the best use of the opportunity and medium.
  • Banners & Standee: When you want to gain immediate attention, then your roller banners and standees need to be up to the mark. Since it is the visual appeal of these two mediums that counts the most so you will need to make sure that you make the crispest and visually attractive design at the same time.
  • Legal Corners: The best way of adding your firm’s logo to your sheets without damaging the documents a well-designed little corner will make sure that you are making use of your professional documents and marketing at some time.
  • Flyers & Leaflets: Local advertising via flyers and leaflets can be really helpful when you want to spread the word quickly and generate a buzz. A well-designed flyer from the onset will help you in garnering attention for your firm and it is most helpful when you’re talking about some upcoming event.

Turn Your Law Firm’s Website Into a 24/7 Sales Rep

Gone are the days when people used to look for things that they needed in the Yellow Pages. According to statistics today, 93% of the consumer base try to find a local business online. This implies that your law firm has its website to rely on as its number one outlet for marketing. If you have been thinking about a makeshift website as a stand-in for just showcasing your online presence then you are absolutely wrong! What you really need is a professional website from a web design company in London, which needs to be on par with the competition and to make sure that you climb on top here are the four things that you need:

  • Your Website Needs to Be Fast: Almost half of the worlds online population expects a website to be able to load in three seconds or less than it. If that does not happen then the user will click the back button. You, of course, cannot make this mistake especially when it comes to the legal field since it is something that needs immediate attention. Give the fact there are so many more lawyers in the world, you need to make sure that your website is fast enough to keep up.

PageSpeed Insights:

  • Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly: One of the most crucial aspects of designing a successful website for the law firm is to make it mobile-friendly. This means that it needs to be optimised for smartphones. Why is this important you ask? Almost 60% of the global percentage now prefers smartphones over tablets or desktop computers when it comes to making searches. Now, even if you equate this with your own personal experience of having come across a bad mobile site you will mostly remember that instead of struggling with it, you just clicked on the back button. Hence making sure that your website is optimised for mobiles you must   tell your Webmaster about your requirements and get the migration started upon. Look into all the aspects like are the contact with buttons visible? is your photo the right size? is all the text that is being used is it large enough? Etc. Think of it from a personal perspective regarding what are the things that you would personally like  in a website and get yours calibrated and optimised by a web design company in London accordingly.
  • Your Website Needs to Be Optimized for User Experience (UX): They say that appearances matter and when it comes to your website, the experience matters as well. Apart from a website that looks good you need to make sure that it is also user-friendly. 75% of people in a recent survey told us that the most decisive factor that comes to the credibility of business would be a look and feel of your law firm’s website. The user-friendliness, design of your website makes a psychological impact hence, make sure that you design your website in such a manner that people should be thoroughly satisfied.
  • Your Website Should Be Easily Found by Search Engines:  One cannot emphasise on the importance of search engine optimisation of websites for local businesses enough, hence make sure you get the work done by a reputed web design company in London. Since all your searches were mostly occurring on a local scale – making sure that you are visible in search engines like Google, Bing etc. can make or break your business. Hence, make sure that your law firm’s website is thoroughly optimised for search engines.

Invest in Content Marketing and SEO for Lawyers

What are the best ways to get organic results through search engine optimisation done by a prime SEO Company in London. It will help in your website showing up at a higher rank for search engines like Google and Bing? We are all aware of the fact that these days when people are looking for something, they generally just pop out their smartphone and Google search for the local listings. Sometimes it’s not even enough to have your website listed on the first page of the Google! Search statistics show that 55% of all organic clicks go to and either of the first three organic search results. Making sure that your website is search engine optimised means that you will need to also focus on content marketing. The only way to move ahead in the industry is to show that you have authority over the subject matter as a Solicitor in London – this means that you will need content that helps you generate leads. Be it the overall message, the readability of your content, the navigability, or if you have any blogs etc. All these considerations play an important role when you want to encourage your target audience as well as recruits from just considering your business to actually acting upon engaging with it. Make sure that you also invest in blogs for your website as it shows that you are an authority on the subject.

Use Paid Search Ads (PPC) for Attorneys

Not from just optimising your website – one of the best ways to gain some traffic is by capitalising on PPC or paid search ads which will help in generating plenty of reviews. Why this becomes even more important is because PPC ads have a prominent presence in the search results page which means that if you get a PPC for Law Firm, you will be able to place your website in a much more visible scope in the search results.

Catch Attention with Video Marketing for Lawyers

Once you’ve done all of the above, that is you optimise your website for SEO and have started to work upon expanding your social media and online presence, if you are still wondering what’s next? then here is something that can really help you. Video marketing for lawyers with the help of video PPC and social media ads can really help you gain the traction that you need. A human being can actually process images almost 60,000 times faster than words which means that anything that you put in video format will help in engaging your audience much more than any other image content that you put out. With people tending to watch more videos than just looking at pictures you can really capitalise on the opportunity to target them with the help of pre-roll or mid-roll video ads.

Law Firms Most-Definitely Need a Presence on Social Media

If you’re wondering whether your law firm needs a Facebook page or not – then the answer to that question is yes, social media for Law Firm is now a must! Generally, millennials expect a business firm to have a social media presence – this means that it will make your law firm much more relatable and give you the rare opportunity to connect more with your audience and set you apart from the other stiff suits. Depending on the kind of services you provide, you can choose the medium for your B2C services. Apart from this having a social media presence can also help in boosting your local SEO.

Reach Out for Reviews

When it comes to the field of law, reviews are quite essential! In a recent study conducted, we found that almost 68% of consumers are influenced heavily by online reviews. This percentage becomes particularly important, because in this field, your reputation is everything. If the reviews tell your client about how your firm helped other clients of theirs in tricky situations successfully, then you will end up garnering more interest in your law firm.

  • Generate Reviews From Past Legal Clients: One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you is that you should not put all your eggs in one basket – implying that, you should seek for various kinds of reviews, regarding various things such as your firm’s website, your Google profile, Facebook profile, or those in any law specific websites etc. So, ask your successful representations to review your services diversely, to make your credibility even more legitimate.
  • How to Get Reviews from Clients: One thing is for certain that asking your clients to review is not something that you can be lackadaisical about. You need to make sure that you have a system in place and you will have to train your staff from the managing partners to even the receptionist in Google Business Page Management and to ask the best, most satisfied clients for reviews, which is something that they would be amenable to. Here are a few ways that you can get this done:

To generate your Google Map Review link:

  • In Case-Closing Letters: If you are a firm that leaves a final letter for the clients which has all the settlement checks or final judgements, documents then you can include instructions in those documents regarding how to write a review for you. And if you are the kind of firm that likes to do this procedure digitally as well, then it is best that you send them a link for that, this is so much my easier to get the task done.
  • In-Text: Another way of getting reviews is to assist your clients in doing so. You can send them text link to your business profile wherein they can give in the testimonials, reviews – which would make them much more open to doing so.
  • In Person: Last but definitely the most powerful method of asking your clients to review your services it to do it in person. You can be direct about it and let them know that how you have enjoyed working with them and that their views would mean a lot as it would help other people in a similar situation as themselves find services that would fulfil their needs. You can follow the conversation you had with a link to where they should leave the review.

Get High-Quality Back Links

Whenever your website is linked by another website it ends up telling search engines that your website is the kind that is capable of providing valuable, relevant insights to users and that and that helps in improving your search rankings. Creating high-quality backlinks is not an easy or even a quick task, and it needs outreach, follow up, creating relationships and also a monetary investment. This implies that irrespective of the costs involved, getting the right kind of links is worth all the effort made. Here are a couple of ways that you can get the task at hand on.

For More: What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2020

  • Local News Sites: The local news is actually a great opportunity to get some coverage. Getting an interview as an experienced attorney would help in creating a press release that could be sent out to newspapers, news stations, websites etc. The press release at hand, could also then be quoted and the website be linked, this could also get you get valuable opportunities for long interviews that would translate into great press.
  • Increase Your Presence in the Legal Directories: With the presence of ample professional directories in the law community leveraging them is a fantastic way to enhance your ratings and also, your backlink profile. Creating a profile on these directories can help you link back to your firm’s website, in fact, it is so much more effective if all the individual attorneys in your firm do so. The amount of higher authority backlinks as well as visibility in search engines that you would get along with client as well as peer reviews, make this option quite cost effective if you are hesitating because of the membership fees in some directories.

Your website is one of your biggest assets and can help you in getting your business new leads as well as be able to showcase your services. Once you are able to figure out all the points mentioned above, the employment of these strategies will help you in maximising your impact and increase your leads and acquire new clients.

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