Imagine yourself a scenario where you have made sure that all the artworks are taken care of, they are done being created and been delivered at your doorstep and now the final decision that lies in your hands is how you are going to mount them. So here we are, telling you about how you can mount the most readily available materials today that have become quite popular for printing signage namely Foamex, Correx and Acrylic Signs:

Mounting Your Foamex Signs:When it comes to mounting Foamex, currently there exist myriad methods available to you, and honestly speaking it ultimately boils down to how much time and energy you’re willing to invest in affixing your signage or the kind of effect that you are going for. The variety of options that you are provided with for affixing your boards include drilling of holes, using adhesives, Velcro or a frame. So let’s discuss with you the methods available:

Drilling Holes

When compared to Correx, Foamex is actually much sturdier that means going on to drilling and creating openings on it is something that is accomplished quite easily. There exist today, a variety of fixings such as screws, bolts, rope, cable ties, etc. If you end up going for screws and bolts, first ensure the surface that you are using for affixing your signage on is suitable for the task. Apart from this, you might also think about attaching your signage to a surface that you are using for affixing it. This is actually very commonly done by popular realtors especially when they are creating a board which is used for sale or even if you are in a trade show.
Much like we mentioned for Correx, you also have the option of putting in cable ties, string, rope, etc. through the holes that  have been raised by you. All you need to do is strengthen your loop and then hang your signage from some sort of nailed peg. If you end up using this method, the only disadvantage is that it might not give a very professional, smooth finish for your Foamex board. Having said this, however, it is quite sturdy in nature so if you do not mind not having let’s say a very clean finish you can easily go for this option.


Now, if you’re looking at methods which appear to say more smooth and cleaner, then the following methods would end up being more useful! Using things like easel or adhesives, Velcro etc. can get the job done with ease. One extremely beneficial advantage is the fact is that Foamex is lightweight and thus you don’t have to worry about its weight being able to be suspended by all of these options. In fact, it is done with so much ease – you can take the example of an easel which is really simple to be able to mount your signage on all need to do is set up your frame and then have your signage be put on it.
Now coming to using materials that are adhesive in  nature, you’ll have to ensure firstly that both your signage and also the material that your mounting on is clear and dust-free otherwise the reserve will not work properly. After this, you will apply the adhesive as has been instructed on its user manual. Now, this step takes a little bit of care since once you are done with the adhesive and you realise that you have not fixed properly it might actually take a bit of an adjusting challenging time to be able to adjust the signage once you’re mounting surface and the signage have been connected.
When we talk about Velcro, it is actually the easiest of them all. Even in this case do you will have to make sure that your signage as well as the mounting surface are clear and then you can apply the Velcro on the textures side outside and make sure that it is firmly pressed and set. Once this is done then you can go about attaching the two textured sides of the Velcro together till the time you are satisfied and get the look that you’ve been looking for.

As compare to other materials like Correx, Foamex is actually much more robust and durable since it is little more rigid even though it is as lightweight. Since it is tougher than Correx it will probably end up giving you much more longevity than that material.

Mounting Your Correx Signs

Correx in terms of weight tends to be on the extremely light, thus it is quite easy for it to be mounted on a variety of services. The various kinds of methods that can be used for affixing can include, holes being drilled, typing, grooming, using cable ties, Velcro, etc. Whatever option you end up choosing, it will actually be dependent on the amount of time that you want to dedicate to affixing it, and also how you want the appearance of your sign to change in accordance with the surface being used by you. Here are a few options for how you can go about it:

Drilling Holes

It is really easy to drill holes on a sign that is made out of Correx, and then you can go on to use screws, bolts, ropes, etc. When you use options like cable ties or ropes, this is something that you generally end up doing this by running them through the opening that you made and then go on to mount it on a structure that could be similar to a fence, for example.
Another option is to take your screws and bolts and then placing them through the holes or openings that you made which can then be further tightened in order to secure the surface. Since Correx is extremely flexible it is possible for you to take up in trouble surface and then just mount directly onto it with the help of sharp nails. In case you want to be careful that the nails do not end up ripping holes to your signage – the best forward would, of course, be going through with nails and not drilling holes. After you have mounted your signage want to something that can hold it you can then attach it to for the framing that will help you give it some structure. The best example of this would be the boards that estate agents generally end up using.


:If you are looking at options that do not end up ruining the surface of both your sign and the material you’re mounting it on, then you can use a variety of options such as taping, gluing, using Velcro etc. Generally in all the aforementioned methods, there is some sort of adhesive that will be used to create a bond between the board and the contact surface. People generally end up using double-sided tape or even gluing as the alternative of choice, since it does not end up damaging your sign or even the surface you’re mounting it on! On the other hand, using Velcro has the advantage that, you have the flexibility of being able to adjust your signage according to however you want it just in case the first time around it’s not put the way you like it.
Apart from this, you also have the option of getting to hang your signage board with the help of a frame or a stand that has been designed particularly for this task. Now, this might sound like something that is not that cost-efficient, but it can actually be something that is better and more appropriate for your needs. A good example of this kind of mounting what do films that are wire-based or even stakes that are made out of plastic and have the option of slipping your design in. Whatever your choice of method might be, getting signage made out of Correx it’s good for you to search for a short duration as it is quite flexible and also gives you additional resistance to auto factors such as weather.

Last but not least we come to Acrylic which is actually the heaviest of them all. Having said that, however, even though it is the heaviest among the three, it is quite lightweight in nature and that’s why it is also easy to work with when it comes to mounting it. As discussed the options above mounting acrylic signage is quite similar to how it is done in Foamex and Correx. The only difference that occurs here is that acrylic signage is generally used for a much more professional outcome, hence we are also going to talk about some options that are used to achieve this sort of cleaner finish. Any good printing company or contractor is going to tell you that one of the best methods for mounting your acrylic board would be with the help of standoffs. When you want to install stand-off is it generally means that you would have to drill holes on to the sign and also onto the surface that the body is being mounted on, and do not worry as this is easily done with the help of your regular drill I’m nothing too fancy.

Mounting Your Acrylic Signs

After the holes have been created, you are then going to attach the stand-off’s first into the surface that the board is being mounted on, and this is the part where you make sure that your attachments are done in the sturdy manner. After the steps, you will then go on to put your sign onto the surface or the ankle and then screw in your standoff for a clean looking robust professional mounting technique. Now going on to talk about other mounting methods that you can employ we could use the same method of drilling holes that is if you are planning to go ahead with the same screw-in bolt method to secure your science as you did for correction for the mix. Are you could also go on to use other pastors as we did for the aforementioned signage that is the usage of cable ties, row, cards, etc.

The option of using adhesive materials like double-sided tape or Velcro are also available for acrylic board since we already mentioned that they are quite lightweight in nature. However the only problem arises here is that the Acrylic boards are generally translucent a nature that means you can have a little bit of visibility or see through them which means that if you put an adhesive backing like double-sided tape or Velcro it might end up showing through. This goes on to imply that if you have any sort of branding or logo which of course an Acrylic board is mostly do then all these things might be visible through it, hence, it is best that you go for these additional methods if your entire body is printed upon and there really isn’t much scope to be able to see through the board.

We would also like to inform you that Acrylic is generally made out of plastic and is quite hard in nature that’s why it is a very suitable alternative to using glass since it is actually lighter and also is shatterproof rather shatter-resistant, all the while giving you the same kind of transparency the glass can provide. This has gone on to earn it the name of Perspex for Flexiglass as well

Now that you are well aware of how to go about mounting your Foamex, Correx and Acrylic signs it is best that you just choose whatever signage you are planning to go with and fix them in the methods that have been mentioned above. Since all the materials are relatively lightweight it boils down to the fact of how professional-looking or clean-cut finish you want out of your signage in order to decide how you are going to mount them and how you are going to mount them.

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