In order to understand the relevance of Foamex printing when it comes to safety signs, we need to look into the most primary question first – what is the importance of putting up safety signs?

To answer this question let us tell you that safety signs are really important for any kind of work environment. Their primary function is to prevent any sort of injury and also make the visitors and also the staff aware of the kind of dangers and hazards that lurk in certain areas or situations. Without proper safety signs printing, a lot of employees and visitors would not have the adequate guidance needed, if crisis struck. This would make it quite difficult in terms of legalities for employers, if any sort of accident happened as a result of lack of adequate signage.

Now coming to Foamex printing, as we all know the material is created out of PVC foam and when it comes to fabrication, it is simply the best. Even though the name suggests that it might have a soft spongy consistency, however Foamex, is actually very rigid and robust in quality. Since it is extremely easy to cut, drill, glue can be treated in the same manner as he would treat and acrylic sheet.

We all know that Foamex signs are really versatile. Since they come in a variety of thicknesses such as 3MM, 5MM, 10 MM makes them extremely suitable for external as well as interior usage. Owing to this versatility, Foamex boards have found their use in varied industries, and have also been a really popular pic for safety signs printing.

Now coming to the important question at hand, we need to talk about

Why Should You Use Foamex For Safety Signs?

  1. Versatility
  2. Weather – Proof and Water Proof
  3. Light Weight
  4. Easy to Work With
  5. Cost-Effective

Now let’s take a look at all the above factors in detail:

It is Versatile

Since it is made of extruded PVC sheet, using Foamex for safety signs printing becomes very easy. Owing to its molecular structure, it gives you a flat and even surface that is perfect for high definition printing which means that your signage would be visible without any blurriness. This becomes extremely important since if you have a sign that is not clear and any accidents do happen, you would be liable to legal action and of course we do not want that. Apart from the smooth surface, Foamex can actually be moulded into any shape and can be used for small signs as well as large hoardings.

It is Weather Proof and Water Proof

2One of the greatest advantages of Foamex printing is that it is a 100% weather proof material and is also waterproof. Now we all know that when it comes to construction sites – be it extremely hot weather or cold the work must go on. Hence when it comes to safety signs printing, you need to have a material that does not get affected much, therefore, Foamex is highly recommended when it comes to using it for outdoor signage. It is much more resilient than most materials and the fact that it is also fire resistant and has a minimal impact and wear and tear over time. Thus if you are thinking of installing a large sign outside your construction site then you can easily go for Foamex are you will not have to worry about any kind of shrinkage or even breaking – all you need to pay heed to is what kind of thickness you choose for your safety signs printing.

It is a Light Weight Material

Foamex comes in various sizes such as 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, etc., even though it is quite lightweight,  it is yet superior in nature. One of the biggest concerns that are there when you get safety signs printing done is how easy or difficult it is to lug it around. Given the fact that Foamex is so lightweight, it can easily be transported around and can also be affixed quite simply. The fact that Foamex is quite a strong as well as a rigid material, it can be easily hung by drilling screws through it or even double-sided Velcro, tape or by using adhesive pads. Even if you need to move of safety sign from one construction zone to another upon completion, you can easily do that with Foamex printing – that is something that makes it a much smarter choice as compared to others around in comparison. Hence, these attributes of Foamex makes it ideal for safety signs printing if you’re looking for some sort of temporary signage.

It is Easy to Work With

Foamex is almost extraordinary when it comes to creating shapes and moulding it, given the fact that there are so many kinds of safety signs and how they come in different shapes sizes and colours, Foamex becomes an excellent medium of choice, as it is readily available and can be bent, shaped, contoured however you please. Thus when it comes to safety signs printing, you can achieve almost everything that you desire with Foamex.

It is Cost-Effective

A more affordable price point is something that is a consideration in every kind of sign making, be it safety signs printing or advertisement ones. Since it is quite a valid concern to have hence, having Foamex be viable according to this is also quite a relief. From varied shapes and sizes to colours, Foamex caters to all the design requirements that you might have iPhone but that is done at affordable pricing. As it is there is a lot of money being invested in your construction site, hence having affordable Foamex signs makes a difference given that you are not compromising on the quality in any way. Unlike other methods being able to digitally inform or intimate people about the hazards around the workplace or construction sites is not an option, hence, having signs that do not put constraints on your budget is always a good thing.

As we can see now, getting your safety signs printing done on Foamex is a good idea. Considering everything, including the kind of versatility it provides along with quality and cost-effectiveness, it is really a no-brainer to choose Foamex for safety signs.

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