By now we are all well aware of the fact that a PVC foam sheet is known as Foamex. There are people who end up confusing it with another form of a spongy board that is known as Foamcore, but they do not realize that there is a massive difference between the two materials. Foamcore would be used for generally let’s say simpler functions like trying to mount photographs, but when you’re talking about real hoardings, Foamex hoarding is where the actual grit lies. Now coming down to more in-depth analysis, first of all, let us begin by telling you that even though the material has the word foam in it, do not let it fool you – when you look into the structural similarities you will find that it has absolutely nothing in common with foam. In fact, the closest similarity that you will find with any material is probably a solid plastic sheet.

Talking about how the material actually is, you will notice that it is quite dense in nature and has a very smooth, proper premium finish. Generally, you will find three thicknesses that are very common in usage, these being 3mm, 5mm and 10 mm. Now, 3mm and 5mm sheets are quite lightweight in nature however 10mm Foamex is quite heavy and hence, it becomes a really good sturdy material for making hoardings. Talking about 10 mm sheets, they are very sturdy and yet very agile as well, you can delete or even cut it into various shapes to create the kind of hoardings that you want. You can even go ahead and round off the edges if required. The point of the matter is that almost any requirement of yours can be accommodated with this material.

If you want to look into how it is really perfect for outdoor and indoor users, one can come down to an advantage that is being fairly thick it is strong enough to be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions, which is a fantastic thing if you look at the durability of it. Given that hoardings are generally something that you put outdoors, you want materials that would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and not lose their shape or even the kind of printing you do on it. Hence 10mm Foamex board becomes really perfect for the usage and can guarantee you almost up to 7 years of unparalleled use.

Now coming down to various factors why this material is generally chosen for exterior uses such as hoardings, you will find that 10mm Foamex is a fantastic alternative material to use instead of using plywood panels that are extremely expensive in comparison. The truth of the matter is that generally, we end up using hoardings to create promotions for events or offer regarding your products or services hence you wanted to be cost-effective and not something which is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Apart from this owing to the fact that it is a thick and sturdy material you can even attach to it design elements that are adhesive in nature, and you will absolutely appreciate the fact that it is so versatile and easy to fashion, that even if you are not a professional, you can create fantastic design and graphics by using it.

When you are looking at the right material for hoardings, you will find that the Foamex hoardings that we create have been designed in such a manner that they are going to help you in being able to print images that a high-resolution in nature and can also accommodate legible text which will pop out. In spite of the thickness and sturdiness, our hoardings are really light in nature and can also give you the kind of absolutely uniform surface that is needed to give you sort of the best designs possible. Apart from this, we recommend that you choose our matt panels that are stark white in base colour which will give you the perfect canvas to work with and create the kind of hoardings that you desire. After all, what is truly needed is being able to print eye-popping bright colours and designs.

As enumerated upon earlier, the material does not have an affinity for moisture, hence it does not absorb it, which gives it a higher insulation power as compared to other porous materials, and since 10mm Foamex is even thicker, therefore, it gives you an even higher protection. So if you’re thinking of putting out a hoarding where there is high humidity or rains you get better protection with this material as opposed to others and thus be able to market effectively not worried about how the weather is going to affect the longevity of your hoarding.

10mm Foamex has found varied applications in all kinds of industries when it comes to signage, however, the best results can be observed when you look at more visual sectors. Blowing up images on the board and getting high-resolution prints is something that is achieved perfectly on the hoarding if you want. Even if it comes to putting up pictures of the mock up of how your project is going to look like in terms of architecture, interior design, etc. Foamex hoardings versatile and sturdy enough to give a premium look to whatever your project, marketing need might be and if at the best time they provide you with a more cost-effective option as compared to other more expensive, premium materials then isn’t it the best thing? Even though we talk about how sturdy the material is the fact of the matter remains that it is quite lightweight compared to other materials and thus it is so much more easier to affix, mount and transport. People find it being fitted with almost any kind of adhesive or mounting material, glues, to screws and nails.

Thus if you are looking for a thick sturdy material that is going to last your hoarding needs then 10mm Foamex is a material that once you’ve put up your hoarding with it you really won’t have to worry about much anymore. So choose this material and breathe life into your marketing campaign and reach new heights.

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