Foamex Boards – A Multi-Purpose Medium

The uses for Foamex printing are incredibly diverse; no matter your needs, Foamex products can almost always accommodate. Foamex printing can be informative, eye-catching, or instructive. The end product is ideal for commerical-use, personal-use, or a mixture of the two. The sky really is the limit when it comes to what our UK Foamex printing company can achieve with our top of the range flatbed UV printer and high-quality PVC Foamex sheets.

For inspiration and ideas, take a look at some of the common ways that you can use Foamex boards…

Hoarding boards uk

Construction Site Printed Hoarding

Hoarding boards are required to stand out, whether they’re used as part of an advertising campaigns or for other informative display purposes. Foamex hoarding boards deliver that instant ‘wow’ factor and can be tailor-made for any purpose.

Exhibition display boards

Exhibition Display Panels

Whether you’re responsible for the design of an exhibition or need to create an informative office display, or you’re trying to highlight the key points of a product, Foamex display panels provide a bold, high-quality solution. Foamex is ideal for long-term use in shop displays, offices, or at home.

Safety Sign

Safety Signs

Foamex boards are ideal for the production of strong, bright, and informative safety boards. The boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can incorporate a combination of image and text.

Hoarding boards london

Backdrops & Stands

From press boards to bespoke backdrops for parties, if you need a strong and eye-catching stand or a custom-designed backdrop for any purpose, Foamex is a product that you can count on. Our printed Foamex sheets can be free-standing, customised with head holes, and are ideal for every style of event.

Foamex sign boards

Temporary Signage

For outdoor and indoor use, Foamex boards are the perfect option for temporary signage. Bright and bold designs ensure that your message gets across, no matter how long the sign is on display for.

Foamex board printing

Instagram & Facebook Selfie Frames

Beautiful, unique, and fun, Foamex can be used to create large and sturdy social media selfie frames for any occasion. For weddings, photoshoots, or parties, a high-quality selfie frame is sure to catch the eye and make any event more exciting.

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