Being a site developer, you must be very well aware of the fact that whenever a new project starts, it presents itself with a brand-new opportunities. Factually speaking, construction site hoardings actually do much more than just keeping your site safe and secure; they offer you with much more square footage that can help you in making a grand statement, be able to share your information with the people around and also create curiosity about the site that is being developed.

If you have with you the right kind of construction site hoardings, you can use them in a manner which could make them so much more effective in getting across your chosen message. If you do not know this already then, know this, that a lot of businesses would actually be willing to give so much to be able to occupy as much space as your construction site is. However, since getting the right space to advertise comes at such a premium cost, a lot of enterprises will actually never be able to get that opportunity that you are already presented with.

Having said all this, we know that this opportunity also needs the right kind of material to put your hoardings on. And this is the reason why we must tell you that a Foamex board is one of the best ways to get the word out.

When it comes to construction site hoardings, there are of a lot of types. Ranging from something as simple as a banner that is single wall, to large holding banners that run around the perimeter of the site for hundreds of metres. Using a Foamex board for making your hoarding can help you in giving visibility to your project from your side. As a matter of fact, having a structural hoarding that is flat and clean can actually give you maximum exposure that will also help in driving home the message. Foamex boards today also come with anti-graffiti coating that helps in minimising any damage to your hoarding if done by any vandal or graffiti artist.

Everyone knows that construction site hoardings are a great way to gain visibility for your project while your team is working hard to complete the on-site work. Banners can hence be used in a cost-effective fashion especially if they are made out of a Foamex Board. Given how printing can be done in the best, smoothest, eye-catching manner – if your construction site is near areas that experience high traffic or high footfall, you can actually capitalise on maximum exposure for the project that is being developed and for your company as well. Since you are looking for temporary opportunities to maximise on your advertising, doing it with the help of construction site hoardings is a really great idea which will also help you in maintaining the privacy of your development. If you get your design made on a Foamex board in an attractive manner, you can garner enough interest in a much cost-effective fashion.

Today, there exist a wide range of printing solutions for construction site hoardings, when it comes to printing them on high-quality yet lightweight Foamex board. Available in varying thickness is such as 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, 10mm foamex etc. Foamex as a material can deliver upon the promise of giving you superior quality as well as a highly attractive base for advertising, that is going to entice any person instantaneously. When you are working with this material, you can design construction site hoardings up to a size of almost 1500 mm X 3000 mm, of course, there exist options for choosing much smaller sizes. One of the best things that you can do is that you can use a Foamex board for stand-alone, singular advertisements or you can use them in a bulk manner as a constant display on walls of your offices, the construction site or whatever developmental project that is being done by your company.

Most printing services for construction site hoardings when being done on Foamex are quite flexible and also done with meticulous perfection that will help you in showing off your business and also displaying your message in the best way possible. Relying on the factor that Foamex is also perfect for when you want to do outdoor hoardings, as it is also quite lightweight and can be moved around as per your convenience and as the construction also keeps on progressing. The additional qualities of being weather-resistant, waterproof, fire-resistant and rustproof, makes Foamex board, so much more convenient to use, especially when you do not have to compromise on the quality in any manner. Hence whatever your needs might be in terms of what you do want out of your construction site hoardings, Foamex delivers on the promise in the best fashion, making sure that your hoardings do not end up losing their charm or lustre.

Making sure that you get the best quality construction site hoardings, we have printing facilities that are fully equipped to be able to print out large format hoardings, in the timeliest fashion. Giving attention to details is a speciality for Foamex Printing Company and that is why we are the one-stop-shop for all your construction site hoardings needs. We make sure that we work closely with the design team to understand what you truly want and then give you the most stunning displays. Prioritising your satisfaction each time, we give you the best kind of support in terms of customer care. Our comprehensive solutions for printing are quite affordable owing to the fact that we use Foamex board, so you can just sit back and relax and let your hoardings be designed by our competent hands. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will make sure that we deliver. So, when you are thinking about your construction site hoardings being so eye catching that there is unparalleled curiosity and interest generated in your project – come to the Foamex Printing Company!

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