To understand the versatility of a Foamex Board and figuring out what all you can do with it, you need to understand first what exactly is the material all about and what all is it generally used for. A Foamex sheet is generally made out of PVC and since it is so easy to mold, shape and mount it becomes a favorite for everyone to use. With varied uses, a Foamex sheet is definitely preferred by professional printers everywhere, which is because it has a superfine cellular structure which helps them in achieving pristine quality, visually attractive signage and other products that give the impression of being much more expensive than they are in reality.

Generally, it is produced with a superior quality finish that can be then molded for cutting shapes that allows designers to be able to create so many creative designs and panels which have varied applications. When you compare it to other more expensive alternatives like aluminum, MDF etc. a Foamex board it’s just so much more cost-effective and if you add in the fact that it is extremely durable, makes it quite a win-win.

Looking at other factors that make it so versatile, you will find it to be a great option since it is water repellent and also is not affected by changing weather conditions-since it does not absorb moisture. The fact is that you can use it for many creative uses because it is perfect for your outdoor signage as well. Given that it does not retain any sort of moisture it stands the test of time and even has a warranty for almost 7 years when used rigorously outside and even longer for 10 years when you use it to the best of its capacity, indoors.

Gone are the days when you think about bulky signage, that had to be lugged around everywhere and would be such a task to mount. Something as sturdy as 5mm Foamex is so lightweight that you can virtually use almost anything to mount it –  from Velcro to screws etc. You never have to worry about the stability of a sign is that it is made out of this material, and this is why it is definitely one of the best materials out there to use even in a creative manner.

Now let us come to the kind of ways that you can use it for:


You probably must not have thought of this, but since it is such a versatile material and can be printed upon in a very high-quality, premium manner a Foamex board, can double up as a backdrop. The fact is that it can be cut in almost any shape that you want and can also be created to give texture and effect. Owing to the varying sizes that you can get, from 1mm to 5mm to 20 mm, along with the fact that you can also get them as coloured Foamex sheet, there are infinite permutations and combinations that you can explore. Everyone knows that when it comes to staging props and designing sets, it can be really expensive, but with the right kind of realistic-looking backdrop you can give it a unique touch at a fraction of the cost.

Creating Exhibits for Trade shows and Events

Owing to their versatility, cost-effectiveness and not to mention the overall lightweight flexibility that it provides, Foamex is a fantastic material to use for creating blocks, trade signs, plaques, etc. The point is that all the printing that is done on it, can be done with laser precision, be it appears that is large in scale or simple plaque. You can even go ahead and get your company logo printed, given all the options you have in terms of coloured Foamex sheet as well you can create actual representations in whatever your corporate colours might be. Because effectiveness and versatility come really handy in here, therefore, you can create some really exciting exhibits and garner attention for your company.

For Retail Signage

This is not something really new but it has so much scope for creativity. For years be it window concepts or showcasing products, a Foamex board really done wonders and has come quite handy to be able to get the message across. You could you something as sturdy, and instead of making signage is that are boring and tell you about discounts, etc. you can make creative and innovative ones which inform you about the product and maybe give you a mock-up of what to expect. The fact of the matter is that there are no limitations really, if you put your mind to it and you can come up with really interesting designs that can be implemented to enhance the beauty of your retail space and attract more and more customers.

For Craft Projects

As great as it is as a printing material, you can even use it as art and crafts project purposes. So many times at school and collegiate level we have to create big banners and signs to cheer our team on or even for some event that you are hosting. Be it creating backdrops for prom creating sets or stage skirts, something as dirty as the 5mm Foamex, is actually quite handy and can come to much use. Your creativity, when put to good use, can create wonders and many a time you will find that our printing solutions, come really in handy in creating the kind of look that you want. Be it creating a community activity or just some fun project that you can all enjoy, the fact that it is flexible and cost-effective makes it such a fun material to work with.

Hence, you can see that if you really want to go ahead with it Foamex is a wonderful material to work with and can give you some really creative uses on the basis of whatever your requirement might be. The truth of the matter is that you are only limited by the thoughts in your mind and if you really put your heart and mind to it you can come up with some incredible uses for a Foamex board.

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