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Welcome to the home of the Foamex Printing Company! Your perfect solution to all your foamex printing needs. From marketing ploys to safety signs, we have you covered!

We specialise in manufacturing and supplying our valued customers with customised printed foamex boards that are extremely durable so they do not damage easily. As well as being lightweight for easy transportation and storage. They provide the ideal base to apply exceptional made-to-fit visuals for your specific needs.

Our Product Synopsis

We run a range of products built on the qualities of our printed foam boards and sheets. These include:

  • Printed foamex hoarding: hoarding boards are the perfect marketing tact. Often used to surround building sites to promote upcoming complexes and apartment blocks, these are extremely effective within advertising campaigns
  • 3mm printed foamex: our 3mm prints are effectively used within exhibitions and professional events as small marketing items and come complete with different types of appealing finishes.
  • 5mm printed foamex: our 5mm product is also a great option for small marketing items but can also be adapted as the perfect choice for indoor signage, and office and home decorations.
  • 10mm printed foamex: If you need exhibition panels, indoor and outdoor signage, or to create a vivid home display, then our 10mm product is your go-to option.
  • Coloured foamex sheets: our coloured foamex sheets have a wide range of possible functions including exhibition displays, hand signs, or table signs. All are available in a selection of different finishes.

Why We Use Foamex?

Foamex is a special material because of its versatility and suitability to in an array of different purposes. Uses of foamex are not confined to commercial environments and its use is often seen within personal spaces featuring within home decor. The material itself is durable but lightweight. This makes it highly practical for indoor and outdoor use for different purposes.

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