Available in a wide range of colours as well as glass and matt finish, Foamex panels are slowly emerging to be one of the best conductors for creating exhibition boards as well as display stands. We at Foamex Printing Company have long-standing experience, with creating extravagant and eye-catching designs, that are bound to bring attention to your signage as well as stands. 

Everyone knows that, when you talk about an exhibition display board, what are the first things that you have to look into is a material that is going to be lightweight, sturdy and rigid, which would of course strong contender for usage. The entire point is to use the material to create a temporary yet professional looking structure, which is exactly what shell scheme panels are all about. 

So here we are, to talk about how you can go on to utilise Foamex to create attractive exhibition displays and also why it is such a great choice. 

  • When Dealing With Small Spaces: if you are looking at a space that is not big enough, then, of course, you might be why what how to make the most out of it. Thankfully Foamex Signage comes to the rescue here, as it can help you in creating a booth design by using Foamex signboards as banner stands. By creating customised stands, your booth can look great with its unique branding along with your exhibition display board providing you with highlighted, defined looks.
  • Creating Point of Entry Displays: another thing to highlight your shell scheme panels would be by creating a nice point of entry reception display but can showcase your products and tell the customers about what is the wide range that you offer. Using Foamex sign printing this effect will give you a crisp entry point, which sets the mood for your exhibition display.
  • Foamex Sign Board Banners: what are the best ways to catch attention and curate a perfect stall or both design, is by getting hanging signage. Of course, you will already go for brilliant shell scheme graphics, hence to enhance the entire branding effect of your business you can go for suspended banners, that will help you in making your entire space look of the unit. Since they are quite eye-catching, you can use it for as much branding as you want, you also have the option of utilising Coloured Foamex boards to this effect which can make your design pop-out even more.
  • Making Dedicated Brochure Stands: Everyone knows that marketing material such as brochures is extremely important for a business. Even when you look at exhibition stands, apart from the branding that you do with the help of your shell scheme graphics, you will need to give out dedicated marketing material so that there is attention value for your customers.
  • Instead of piling all the brochures on a table, you can create a separate brochure stand which could have Foamex panels as a complementary addition to make maximum impact. The biggest benefit that you will reap out of using Foamex sign board is that it is highly portable, and can be carried around easily, apart from this, it does not take too much time for installation as well hence making it a perfect option while giving you maximum visibility.
  • Creating a Different Stall Design: Since Foamex panels are quite sturdy you can opt for creating different kind of stall designs that would help you in giving a clean and polished. With the help of fabrication, you can elevate your exhibition booth from looking like a pale exhibition display into something that is of a much grander scale. Thus, using shell scheme panels that are made our of Foamex can go a long way in not only giving you the best kind of printing quality that you desire but also give you the option of creating a versatile display

So, there you have it, when you are looking to create an exhibition display that is going to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, you can look at Foamex Signage that is going to enhance the entire effect. You can customise your exhibition both as per your requirements, ranging from something that would fit in a small space, to large exhibition booth size that would require large shell scheme panels. Foamex Printing Company has years of knowledge and experience, dealing with Foamex sign printing and can make sure that you get the perfect product you need, at the right price point.

Thus, when on the looking out for exhibition display that is going to make your business stand apart, reach out to us and our team of experts will make sure that you get the best eye-catching designs and help you make that perfect statement.

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