When it comes to creating an exhibition booth at a venue, a budget, of course, makes a lot of difference. We all know that if a business had an endless budget, then creating the largest bespoke stand with impeccable shell scheme graphics would be everyone’s choice. However, most businesses are not there yet, and if you are reading this article then we know that you are also working on a budget and trying to make the most out of your exhibition display. Having said this, however, working on a limited budget doesn’t mean that you cannot maximise upon the resources that are available to you. 

Hence we at the Foamex Printing Company have compiled for you couple of tips how you can the most out of your display board printing in Foamex and make sure that you are leveraging your shell scheme booths to its utmost potential:

  • Impeccable Strategizing: If you are talking about planning the design of your exhibition display, of course, you start at the initial stage where you ask the questions regarding the relevance of this event, if your customers are going to be there? etc. and then move on to the bigger considerations like your budget. One of the advantages that you get when working with Foamex is that your exhibition display board is not going to cost you a fortune as opposed to when working with other materials. Hence you can end up getting the most out of your budget and hence your investment in general. 
    • Having said this, however, considerations regarding other important factors like staffing, utilities, furniture, promotional items, etc. also need to be put into consideration when you are at the strategizing state, just to know how much budget you have and how you can utilise it.
  • Available Floor Area: After your strategizing stage, where you analyse the details, you need to figure out where exactly to place your exhibition display. Location, of course, plays an important role when you are setting up an exhibition booth, and feel also helps you in narrowing down your design that is going to be made with Foamex. Being an extremely sturdy material, you are getting the advantage of creating both designs, that is both functional, as well as eye-catching. 
    • Depending upon the kind of floor space that is available for you to put up your shell scheme graphics you can think about how you are going to design the booth around it. From getting a design that is covered completely on three sides to having a design which is maybe L-shaped or open another side, depending upon the kind of footfall you are expecting to receive and the layout of the complete space, you can figure this out.
  • Lighting: Getting an understanding of the kind of lighting that is going to be available at the venue is also very important to ensure that you get the most out of your display board printing. Taking into account how the light is going to fall on your booth, will help you in designing it in such a manner that your panels will stand out. Since most Foamex printing offers you the option of getting a matte or a glossy print done you can determine how the light is going to follow the new design and how it reflects.
    • A lot of time choosing glossy panels will end up reflecting light in a manner that might not be favourable if it is a night event hence in such scenarios you would end up choosing a matte panel which will show your design quite crisply and clearly. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with an open-air booth then going for glossy exhibition boards would make more sense. , you need to pay adequate attention to the kind of lighting that is going to be available at the venue as well.
  • Design: Coming to the most important aspect, design can make or break your exhibition display. Foamex is a fantastic material to work with since it gives you a beautiful colour payback and your design can stand out when printed on it. Making sure that you have the right balance of text to graphics, and you have picked out colours that pop out and catch the attention of user buys, you can make sure that your exhibition display board everyone’s attention when they pass by. 
    • Keep your marketing message simple, and visible – this is the best way to make sure that your brand appears to be clear and more effective. You can always delve into the details when people visit you and your face-to-face conversations. Hence bring your A-game with your design.

There you have it, this is how we at Foamex Printing Company think, how you can maximise upon the usage of your shell scheme graphics with the help of Foamex. At the end of the day, making sure that your boat stands out, and people are interested in checking out the products and services that you have to offer is very important and the entire purpose of being at an exhibition show. Hence make sure that you capitalise upon the opportunity.

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