Foamex is a current obsession in the signage printing business. It is derived from rigid plastic and is also known as a PVC foam board. Since foamex printing is quite budget-friendly when compared to other market alternatives, it is being used by Foamex Printing Company. This gives the customers quality irrespective of monetary constraints.

Foamex board is quite versatile and can be easily cut, drilled, bent, glued, etc. Additionally, it comes in several thicknesses and color variants, which makes it appropriate for every sort of board printing.

Common FAQs about foamex material and foamex board printing

What is the Usage of Foamex?

Foamex has emerged as a popular choice for professional digital printing. It is quite readily used for designing signage, banners, or display panels. The material is packed with a fine cell structure and has numerous color options. Besides, the variation in thickness also provides numerous options to the customers.

The price for a foamex PVC board will not burn a hole in your pocket and hence accounts for its supremacy.

Thickness options  Usage area
3 mm/5 mm Indoor signs that do need excessive rigidity 
10 mm Rigid outdoor sign boards/ banners 

Where does Foamex Originate From?

Foamex sheet is the actual product from Switzerland. It is a sub-category of plastic produced by a Swiss company, 3A Composites. They patented this material 30 years back. In a small settlement between Lucerne and Zurich, the production unit for foamex is set up.

Herein, foamex is produced in different thickness alternatives, in a color scheme of nine options. The original foamex is white and easily adapts to print.

Is foamex apt for bespoke shaping?

Foamex signs printing has gained momentum in the market. In contemporary times, foamex designs have become quite quirky. The material used must be easily bendable to acquire shapes and sizes of all sorts. This can be easily managed with foamex panels.

Does foamex have thickness variants?

Ten thicknesses variants can come in handy for foamex signage printing. The thinnest has the least rigidity, which keeps on increasing with added thickness.

The variants range between 1 mm to 19 mm. Irrespective of option availability, 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm are the popular choices. 3 mm and 5 mm foamex help while designing indoor boards, since not much rigidity is required there. Outdoor boards have to sustain climate change, so 10 mm foamex is used.

 Is it mountable?

Foamex PVC board can be easily mounted anywhere without any difficulty. It is compatible with drilling holes, using poles, attaching to the wall, and Velcro.

Is Foamex PVC transportable?

One issue with board printing is transportation. But, with foamex board printing, such issues don’t arise. This is because it is pretty lightweight and can be easily moved.

Can you cut foamex?

Due to cost restraints and creative instincts, customers sometimes choose to cut the board in varying shapes and sizes. This is possible with foamex as it can be molded into any format by cutting it.

Is foamex cost-effective?

One major concern during marketing is the tight budget that you cannot exceed. Effective marketing involves getting boards printed within a limited amount. This issue is mainly addressed by foamex as it is quite economical.

Other options for board printing include Dibond, MDF, wood, etc. When compared and contrasted with foamex, these can shake your budget. Foamex board printing lasts for three to five years, which is an investment. Foamex Printing Company provides top-notch signage on foamex sheets with a minimal rate card.

Is it waterproof and fade-resistant?

Since outdoor boards are susceptible to all sorts of harsh climatic conditions, it’s important to use a material that is not prone to the ill-effects of the weather.

Foamex is waterproof and fade-resistant. So, the print won’t wear off even when there is a downpour. Besides, UV rays also don’t damage the print of foamex printing.

Are there color options in foamex boards?

 Foamex acquires the full color of the print and is available in nine different color options.

What are some cons of using foamex?

While foamex certainly is a worthy investment, there are some cons of foamex that you should consider before opting for the same.

  • Withers off easily: Irrespective of being waterproof and fade-resistant, foamex boards do wear off with constant exposure to harsh weather. Cruel climate can get under the skin of material, leaving it withered.
  • Foamex is said to last for three to five years generally. But, its performance increases in shielded space like indoor areas. In outdoor settings, other thicker materials perform a little better.
  • Foamex wraps up easily: Foamex has a lot of variation in thickness and the thicker options are more rigid. Since rigidity is a function of thickness, the less thick foamex sheets do wrap up easily. This leads to an unpleasant board look.

In Essence

When weighed based on advantages and disadvantages, Foamex inclined more towards the positive side. It’s a saviour for those who are on a budget, yet want something presentable. Foamex Printing Company designs signs on foamex sheets at a decent rate of $25. This advocates for its economical nature.

Foamex is one of the most hassle-free materials as it does not cause any issue while cutting, mounting, or transportation. Additionally, it is also available in ten sizes and nine color variants. So, it suits all sorts of requirements. Foamex board sustains itself for quite a long time and hence is a good choice for board printing.

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