Whether it’s an exhibit or a trade show or simply a product launch event, standing out in the crowd is the only key to success. Many businessmen try different tricks, plan varied strategies and organise a wide variety of campaigns to attract customers and to beat the competition. One such marketing strategy is using print media for advertising. Print media has been one of the most viable, flexible and successful options for marketing and promotion purposes in which people prefer using foamex boards, signs and hoardings to deliver the information creatively.

Foam Board Advertising is a fantastic way to bring the attention of the customers and persuade them to pay a visit; however, many still wonder what foamex is and why pick the material for printing?

To clear the air, let’s start with basics:

What is Foamex?

Foamex is a form of plastic which is made of expanded PVC foam sheet that is extremely resourceful and fabrication friendly. It is widely used in the manufacturing of sign boards, banners, scheme panels, hoardings, cut-outs, safety signs and other printing products. The best part of using foamex is that it is superior in quality, can be cut into different shapes, visually appealing and is affordable in price.

Some of the Interesting Facts about Foamex are:

Most Versatile Option: Foamex is made of extruded PVC sheet which is an easy material to print on. The molecular structure of this vinyl material is made in such a manner that it gives flat, even and smooth surface for high-definition printing. Foamex is a highly versatile option which can be printed in matt as well as in glossy depending on the need, can be bent into any shape, can be used for small boards as well as extravagant hoardings, and above all provides extra protection from the sun.

Water Resilient & Weatherproof: Foamex is 100% weatherproof material and is highly water resilient. May it be hot weather or cold, windy or rainy, snowy or dry, foamex has the power to stand on its own without getting affected which makes this material highly recommended for outside applications. This material is particularly durable than other materials like cardboard and is also resistant to fire & external wear and tear making it useful for a longer period of time. So, if you are planning to install a large panel outside, then don’t worry about any shrinkage or breakage, simply pick your thickness and get it designed.

Lightweight in Nature: Available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses, Foamex is extremely lightweight yet superior material making it easier to transport and install. Being a thin yet sturdy material, it is considered an easy material to work with where you can cut it into any shape, drill screws, insert metal hooks and can also glue. Mounting a foamex sheet is pretty simple you can use double-sided tape or Velcro to glue 3mm foam sheet.

Can be used for Decorative Purposes: Is there any uneven surfaces in your house? Do you want to hide them creatively, if yes, then why don’t you use Foamex? These absolutely extraordinary sheets are available in vivid colours which makes them suitable for decorative purposes. You can easily cut, bend or contour these vibrant sheets into any shape, size and alphabet to stylise your room and hide those ugly, uneven loopholes with discretion.

Value for Money: Do you want to advertise your brand but having the budget restriction? Why don’t you give a shot to foamex board printing? Foamex is one of the excellent value for money print media products which can meet up to every budget requirement. Starting from 3mm, these sheets are available in various colours, thicknesses and sizes at affordable prices which can be customised as per the choice. So, in case your budget is less but the advertisement is important don’t think twice just go with foamex and spread the word of awareness in the most beautiful manner possible.

Advertising through a digital medium is simply not enough for a business. Make the best use of Foamex to advertise your business and its products & services and generate leads locally as well as globally. These are some of the key facts of Foamex, and a lot many benefits are still under the cover. Get your ads printed in foamex and uncover maximum benefits for the welfare of your business. You should also check out the details of Weds Photography.

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